You with Me

Someday I hope
I can finally stop trying
to make every
relationship I have
into what we were.
Someday I hope
I’ll finally accept
the fact that I was lucky
to have you,
but we had our time,
and nobody will ever
be what you are to me.
Someday I hope to realize
that all I have left is
the memory of you,
and yes
it is still the place I go
when everything else is fucked
and nothing makes sense…
but it is just a memory now.
And nobody is
you with me,
and life still keeps going on.
The world is fucked.
We captured lightning in a bottle,
and sometimes it burned,
but mostly it was just hot :)

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“I loved him but I didn’t love myself.” // r.i.d

I loved him but I didn’t love myself.” // r.i.d

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We made love
The Christmas tree
All aglow
As if for the very first time
I gave myself to her
She gave herself to me
We tasted of the others fruit
Consumed the hour
All aglow



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Broken things
Its spoken
What doesn’t kill
Makes one stronger
We are the inflicted

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Golden Chariot

As I lay here, alone, on a couch in the basement of the place I suppose I reside, I remember a night in another basement, a thousand years ago… “Firefly” playing in the background, and an entire unknown ahead. I remember fireworks on the Fourth of July, and sleeping wrapped in warm arms under the stars on a trampoline while the moon faded, as the sun chased her from the sky. A perfect moment, gone in an instant.
I was never yours. But you were my perfect moment.
For the first time, I realized that it wasn’t me you loved. I just kept you busy while your true love found her way back to you.
I wish she knew that. I wish she could understand that I have never been a threat to her. I wish she would see that all I was was a bookmark in the chapters of your life together. There are no pages dedicated to me…I am a footnote.
Tell her that. She will understand.

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I am a thousand stories
In every moment

I am the story
You could never tell

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These days

I scream into the void where
We used to exist, the space
You still occupy with that face,
That body, those eyes that work
So hard not to see me anymore
While I lob my heart at you
Like a stone, hoping in desperate
Desperation to locate
That sweet spot in the dark
I close my eyes and try to
Remember what it felt like
With your arms tight around me
And all my questions would dissolve
On my tongue in that moment
And I could finally just breathe…
I open my eyes once more,
And hope you’ll be there
Holding my heart gently
In your teeth

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When I ruled the world

So thick it’s palpable
Hiding a plethora
Of words burning
To froth forth
Dancing on my tongue
Daring me to flay
My heart,
Put it on display
So long it’s been
So far I’ve come
Will you even know me anymore?

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If you don’t love that skeleton you’re wrong


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