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I am a thousand stories
In every moment

I am the story
You could never tell

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These days

I scream into the void where
We used to exist, the space
You still occupy with that face,
That body, those eyes that work
So hard not to see me anymore
While I lob my heart at you
Like a stone, hoping in desperate
Desperation to locate
That sweet spot in the dark
I close my eyes and try to
Remember what it felt like
With your arms tight around me
And all my questions would dissolve
On my tongue in that moment
And I could finally just breathe…
I open my eyes once more,
And hope you’ll be there
Holding my heart gently
In your teeth

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When I ruled the world

So thick it’s palpable
Hiding a plethora
Of words burning
To froth forth
Dancing on my tongue
Daring me to flay
My heart,
Put it on display
So long it’s been
So far I’ve come
Will you even know me anymore?

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If you don’t love that skeleton you’re wrong


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Why do we never talk about this?

Friendly reminder that Remus Lupin is a canonically gay character during PoA.

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Me: Shall I compare thee to a summers day?
<drops remote>
Me: God dammit!!!

Me: That is NOT how I would start!!

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"I want to show you
I love you
in more ways than one,
so I’ll leave kisses like
whisper in your ear like
make you blush like
caress you like a
and run with you like a
river- you’re bouquets in
my lungs;
the sweet that sleeps in
my soul;
the nectar on
my lips;
the ghost in
my bones;
and the blue in
my veins."

Brian Dominguez (@h0wled-h0riz0ns)

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You write, using the word
as though you love it…
Maybe you do.
Or maybe it defines you…
Webster defines it as
“Playfully mean or cruel”
I don’t believe that is you.
Your words cut to the quick
(as well they should)
but “causing sexual excitement”?
I believe that is true.
Mischievous, unruly, merciless…
Perhaps with your quill..
but are you as talented
with your tongue?

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Fatherless child,

forsaken long before you knew

there was nothing you could possibly do

Buried beneath a thousand lies

You know nothing of love

only sorrow, regret, and the pain

of the needle as it enters your vein
and washes you clean of your sins
Screams in the night

as fists kiss the flesh of the one

who knows nothing of what she has done

Asking God for her suffering to end

Blade to flesh

Skin peeled back to reveal what’s inside

Torment ends as no longer you hide
The demons that eat you alive

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